Fire Services Youth Training Association

We are an organisation that encourages and supports all aspects of Fire Service related Youth Training. We also assist with Instructor Training. Our aim is to contribute to the development of young people by encouraging them to adopt the positive culture of the Fire Service.

Prevention activities for non-fires and accidents is the main direction of the activities of fire safety and protection of the population. This activity is a complex of preliminary events with organizing public nature.

No small part of the preventive activity is to conduct awareness campaigns and initiatives, thematically appropriate, age and social targeting - for preparation of the population, in order to obtain the necessary protective behaviors and actions adequate to the situation for protection and self-defense in case of fires, disasters and accidents.

Preventive activities include developing plans and information and awareness activities related to disaster protection and has the task of forming the requisite behavior in the population to prevent and eliminate the causes and conditions that could lead to a crisis occurs.

During the training our students maintain and develop their knowledge and skills through theoretical classes and various practical exercises.

Our purposes are to:

  • Provide fire services with training ;
  • Distribute training materials ;
  • Identify new methods of fire prevention and suppression and disseminate information about them ;
  • Promote safety in all aspects of fire and emergency service training ;
  • Training ranging from basic skills to more advanced specialized topics ;
  • Provide research, technical assistance and support .